Who is chester koong

Who is Chester koong? What kind of person is he that hot girls in Korea are so fascinated by? The article below will answer all your questions about Chester Koong.

Who is Chester Koong?

As a foreign man, Chester Koong is suspected of appearing in many “swinging” clips with foreign girls of many different backgrounds in luxurious spaces.
Chester Koong is the Korean version of Ly Tong Thuy – a Taiwanese young master who was also caught up in a scandal that shook Taiwan’s entertainment industry. But Chester Koong’s videos are quite an investment in terms of images and high quality and major of his girlfriend.
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The act of spreading depraved cultural products, especially private clips, is an extremely condemnable act and seriously violates each person’s privacy. There are currently calls online to boycott and stop sharing bad links and supporting the illegal acts of bad people spreading clips.
How shocking was the Chester Koong case?
Chester koong a idol in korean, he is a best fucker in korean with so many V.I.P amateur video but quality is professional. The shocking case of Chester Koong spread online with up to 70GB of data, and can more than that.
Currently, it is still unknown how this case was resolved, but the name Chester Koong is searched by many people. Surely many of you are also interested in this case and and its hotness still continues to burn up websites.

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